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EHA brings together two churches and an individual contributor/co-owner, COTW, Living Earth and Michelle Castle. We all share a vision of the future of our chosen faiths, as cooperatively living and worshiping. Because of that, we purchased the land EH is situated on and seek to develop it with your help and the help of many others.

You can visit the links under the Alliance to find out about our organizations, but how we came together was much more interesting.

Standing round the most enchanted sweat lodge, created for a temporary event we all were working on, we stood in awe and reverence at the love, beauty and grace of this structure. We also knew that, because we did not own the land it stood on, we only were allowed to use it for our event, we had to destroy it, to tear it down, to remove it completely so no trace could be seen by hikers or other tourists to the area. If we did not destory it, we might jeopardize our ability to return here. So, Joy of Living Earth made her vow, to never again erect an altar until it was possible to leave it up, forever.

COTW and Michelle joined in Joy's vow and began our search for the right land. After months of seeking, we found it, thanks to the diligence and dedicated scouting of COTW's own HPS, Jade! Together, we pooled our resources and purchased the land.

Now, we are seeking people as interested in using this resource as possible, not only for the resources we need in order to build infrastructure, but for others who wish to, as we have, marry this image of a cooperative spiritual venture, driving our religions into the next age of diverse contributions by all walks toward a single end of realized joy in worship out of doors.